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This is a myth within most of us, having it confused with the steroids. Protein Milk (Whey or Casein) is nothing but the pure extracts from the cow milk. To be specific, whey protein, which is taken by many athletes is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing.

Have a look at this article on: Effect of protein source and resistance training on body composition and sex hormones
Source: US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Yes there are side effects from the excessive whey but, nothing is related to the sexual hormones


Lean muscle building requires male hormones. So there is no specific reason for the protein milk manufactures to include female hormones to this milk, which may negatively effect their product outcomes. But in dairy milk products contains a certain amount of female hormones which could be included in the whey or casein products, as these two were extracted from milk.

But as per the article published in the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (Meat Inspection Unit, ADFCA) by Dr.Hamid Ragab Hamid ( he mentions that,

“The fore review clearly guides us to the conclusion that dairy products resemble no risk to the humans with respect to bST concentrations. It demands no legal certification that all dairy products from the U.S.A. are rbST-free.”

Exams and me
1:44 PM | Author: Unknown
Planned to study for about a week. But actually did study from day before yesterday. And still expecting 100%score. Human nature. Or else I will call it a nature of an engineer. Even now having 1 hour left for the exam, I'm checking out my new Android blogger app and writing my very first blog from mobile.

Sometimes I feel how careless I am. Then I tell to myself. it's about taking risks.. Haha..
Ones who invent and ones who benefit.
7:20 PM | Author: Unknown

I'm not talking about socialism. It's totally about capitalism.

I have seen many Techies who spend their entire life coding their shit off. But does this tools coded do earn big profits, or does this tool used in business by the clients and does the business earn more.

Techies scarify their entire life, time and joy on producing tools for the business, and they think they do great things by just compiling the code which runs. The thing is they don't realize that the one who can code and the one who has the compiler can do the same thing just like them. In other words,

My dad always say that, the one who invented something is not the one who benefits. Graham bell didn't had a chance to call his girlfriend at night. And so does the wright brothers didn't had an airway which fly to Singapore in 30 mins.

Life is short. We should gain the from what exist and let the techies invent tools to comfort the life. I'm pretty sure most of you will not agree with me. I don't want to argue. Because for me, I want you to create and invent new tools for my happy life.

So what is my solution? I don't give a shit about the one who is not ready to take any risk. But for the one who is ready to take the risk, i will say, wait for the correct moment and quit the job and make some new jobs for other who would like to take no risk in life.

At the end they can produce you the tools and you can enjoy your life. There is nothing gives more return than the risk does. 
Brute Force Grid is now Open Source
1:35 PM | Author: Unknown
the project Brute Force Grid, our final year project in Curtin 2009 is now Open source.. you can get it from or

In today‟s world, internet plays one of the major roles in each of the individual life and the company‟s progress. According to the studies made, it has been proved that much concentration of the data traffic passing via the cables of this internet work is from the one major innovative idea of peer-to-peer file sharing. This is sharing the files over the overlay network which is presented in the internet in a distributed manner. Our approach is to show that this major innovative idea of peer-to-peer is not limited to the file sharing but it can be also be used for much complex and interesting views of the current world. Such as process sharing, peer-to-peer multimedia streaming, etc…

For our experiment we took the concept of process sharing. Processes which need a very huge amount of CPU power. This can be divided into smaller modules and executed in different peers and recollected to combine and result the actual outcome. Using this experiment we were planning to demonstrate that Peer-to-Peer concept can be successfully implemented in the field of process sharing using parallel processing the sub modules.
best multimedia player
9:50 PM | Author: Unknown

I was searching for a good media player somedays before. i was using jetaudio those days. I know there excist more cool media players such as Mplayer n VLC. but i dont like their GUI interface.

I use Mplayer for the portable purposes, but when it come to my PCs default media player then i was expecting somthing more and stable. Jet audio satisfied many of ma needs for past two years. but as the number of new file formats becomes populer, jet audio didnt make it at all.

so i switch to a nother multimedia player. its named as BSplayer and its cool and make it work until today. you can download it freely from the official BS player website. i actually got to knw about this media player from the KLM codec pack. the codec pack includes a minimal version too.. but u can download much better one frm the official website.

i recommed the free version as it more than enough for normal home purposes..

you can hav cool skins downloaded from the same website

my new pen!
4:45 PM | Author: Unknown
HC12 simulator..
6:12 PM | Author: Unknown
this is a simple HC12 simulator that i found in net.. it was created useing java. So hope this would be helpful. To download it..
Hi friends. I download the solution PDF of our DN text book. If you are interested, do dowload it from here

The solutions are for th same edition that we hav in SLIIT library.

I don't take any responsibility toward the accuracy of the answers given in the article. I'm just sharing what i found.
after all got a PHP project to work with..
10:48 PM | Author: Unknown
in university of colombo we were given a project in PHP to develop an emarket for the intranet of UOC. man after all i got a good chance of working in a project of one of the most coolest languages.. PHP.. wow i love it man!..

The only problem is this bugger(who is our teacher of CS) has asked not to use any stuffz from internet.. this is a shit thing and itz making the whole thing a shit! he says that he mite ask us to rewrite the codeings to to chk whdr we hav done any net resources.. hol shit.. after all the assgnmt that i tot, it would be really intrsting has made me feel its another worst..

anyhow wana complete it before diz january.. so working on it.. he he..
Sample web application in PHP
11:23 PM | Author: Unknown

This sample web application that i have uploaded here is for the use of taking an help in educational manner towards doing a login and registration page in PHP. This is totally educational purpose. The misuse of this application towards the assignments cannot be taken responsible by the Author of publication and programming.

This application consist a small sample and this can be extend to customized for the need. You can download it here. I have named this as FLOG. check it out!!

The mysql.sql file should be executed in the mysql database and the database name, and mysql login should be redefined in the database.php file (which is included in the pack)